Campaign: Busy Lifestyle Audience

Briefing summary:

Our objective is to connect with individuals leading hectic lives, particularly those working tirelessly with limited time, making it challenging to receive packages at home or visit a delivery point during regular working hours. As a solution, we are considering high-traffic areas like railway stations equipped with bpost lockers, catering to people on the go, especially during post-working hours, who often find it difficult to manage their busy schedules.


Over a span of 5 working days, with 60 playouts per hour in the morning (7:00 to 9:00) and in the evening (18:00 to 21:00), the required budget breakdown is as follows:

  • 50.000 € to attain 3.618.421 impressions in train stations across approximately 413 screens.
  • 50.000 € to achieve 4.470.075 impressions in the metro systems of Antwerp and Brussels on approximately 179 screens.
  • 30.000 € to secure 2.470.000 impressions in train stations, encompassing approximately 608 screens, excluding shopping areas and streets.

I am designating the time slot from 18:00 to 21:00 to connect with individuals working late, who may find it challenging to visit a bpost office during regular hours.

Programmatic: PDOOH Digital Street

Programmatic: DOOH Premetro Antwerpen

Programmatic: Digital Metro 3 500 000

Programmatic: PDOOH Station Live

*programmatic is not guaranteed, screens & contacts and CPM are best estimates and subject to change.