Campaign: Vanden Borre Trading Malls 5.300 €

Briefing summary:

The idea would be to offer suppliers different packages to suit all budgets.
The aim of these Trade campaigns is tactical (highlighting an offer, an exclusive product, something new) in a Vanden Borre context/template.
The principle of supplier packages is to be as close as possible to the points of sale in Vanden Borre stores to generate traffic.
The idea is to create  4 packages with different budget levels.


Selection of digital screens in the Street universe which are close to the Vanden Borre shops.
Select the digital screens in the shopping Malls equipped with a Vanden Borre shop.
Broadcast only at the priviledge shopping moments.
Package Street environment : 5.300 €
Package Malls environment : 5.300 €
Package Gas stations & train stations environments : 9.800 €

Package 4 environment: 24.500 € (Reach extended)

Programmatic: Malls

*programmatic is not guaranteed, screens & contacts and CPM are best estimates and subject to change.