Campaign: Uber Taxis

Briefing summary:

  • To create a comprehensive DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) media strategy for Uber taxis targeting the specified demographic, we need to leverage locations and content that resonate with young singles and families, who are well-off, active, enjoy fast food, and are into social activities like partying and dancing.


Here’s a breakdown of the strategy:

  • Targeted Locations:
    • High-traffic areas near popular entertainment venues.
    • Upscale neighborhoods where the target demographic resides or frequents.
    • The Brussels european district


  • Environments:
    • Street
    • Railway stations
    • Metro Brussels

  • Day parting

Set up the day parts according to each environment assuming that the target group is highly present.

  • Data Analytics and Optimization:
    • Utilize data analytics to track the effectiveness of different campaigns, locations, and messaging variations.
    • Continuously optimize the strategy based on feedback and performance metrics to ensure maximum ROI and engagement.

By implementing this DOOH media strategy, Uber can effectively target the specified demographic of young, well-off singles and families, driving increased brand awareness, app downloads, and user engagement within this lucrative market segment.

Programmatic: Digital Street - European district

Programmatic: Digital Street - Going Out

Programmatic: Station Live

Programmatic: Digital Metro

*programmatic is not guaranteed, screens & contacts and CPM are best estimates and subject to change.