Campaign: My Domino's Box

Briefing summary:

The objective is to provide coverage for restaurants, as indicated in the attached list. Depending on the size of the city, we can adapt the coverage radius accordingly. The proposed timing for this initiative is one week, excluding Tuesday and Saturday, with slots from 11 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM.

The targeted environments for coverage include street locations and, potentially, train stations. To enhance our campaign efforts, the programmatic Digital Out Of Home (pDOOH) strategy will be employed in conjunction with a concurrent TV and online campaign.

While I haven’t received a specific budget, my estimate suggests a range of 40-50K. It would be prudent to assess whether the entire budget is necessary for a one-week duration. If not, a strategic approach could involve recommending two separate one-week campaigns, each at 25K, considering that the overall campaign spans a duration of six weeks.


We have opted for the suggested time targeting strategy and selected specific contexts for our campaign, namely street locations, parking areas (comprising 145 screens), train stations (81 screens), and metro stations (44 screens). With this approach, our estimated budget reaches approximately €32,000 per week, generating a substantial 2,595,000 impressions across the selected screens. This projection is based on an average of approximately 60 playouts per hour.

Programmatic: PDOOH Digital Street

Programmatic: PDOOH Digital Metro

Programmatic: PDOOH Station Live

*programmatic is not guaranteed, screens & contacts and CPM are best estimates and subject to change.