Campaign: Branding Vanden Borre

Briefing summary:

  • Alignment with Radio campaigns (timing to be confirmed, but 4 momentum over the year)
  • Positioning of screens according to placements that generate the most Reach
  • Estimated budget per wave (4 waves): €62,500 x 4
  • Presence in train stations, subways, shopping malls and strategic points with the highest reach
  • Possibility of adapting video (via Outsight) or HTML5 visuals


Two axes:

1/Combining the Street and Station universes to generate coverage

Geographic coverage for Street is concentrated in cities where one or more Vanden Borre stores are present. In Brussels, screens are selected on the main traffic arteries. In the rest of the country, screens are selected if they are located within a maximum radius of 2,500m from a Vanden Borre store. All the country’s railway stations are selected, with the exception of Antwerp, Brussels, and Liège, for two reasons: these centers are covered by other universes, and this reduces the budget.

2/ Add the Antwerp Pre Metro to strengthen the visibility in the City Center

The screens are at a maximum distance of the Vanden Borre shop on the Meir

Programmatic: Digital Street National

Programmatic: Digital Street Brussels

Programmatic: Digital Pre Metro

Programmatic: Station Live

*programmatic is not guaranteed, screens & contacts and CPM are best estimates and subject to change.