Campaign: Sun Body

Briefing summary:

Set up a media plan for Eucerin Sun Body utilizing Digital Out of Home (DOOH) programmatic advertising with a weather targeting approach within a budget of 30.000€ all-in.

Research and Selection of DOOH Networks:

  • Identify DOOH networks that offer programmatic buying options and have screens located in areas with high foot traffic.
  • Choose networks that offer weather targeting capabilities to ensure the ads are displayed based on weather conditions.

Weather Targeting Parameters:

  • Set up weather targeting parameters to display ads when the temperature is above 17°C and the weather is sunny or partly cloudy.
  • Utilize real-time weather data integration to ensure ads are dynamically displayed based on current weather conditions in each location.

Geographic Targeting:

Daypart Targeting:

  • Implement daypart targeting to optimize ad delivery based on the time of day when outdoor activities are more prevalent.
  • Schedule ads to appear during peak daylight hours when people are likely to be outdoors and exposed to sunlight.

Performance Tracking and Optimization:

  • Implement tracking mechanisms to monitor the performance of the campaign in real-time.
  • Optimize the campaign based on performance insights, adjusting targeting parameters, creatives, or messaging as needed to maximize ROI.
  • Generate comprehensive reports at regular intervals to provide insights into the campaign performance and ROI.



Based on the meteorological records from May to August 2023 in Belgium, here’s a refined plan for your Eucerin Sun Body DOOH programmatic advertising campaign:

Targeting Locations:

  • Street Environment: utilize DOOH screens strategically placed in high-traffic street environments such as busy intersections, shopping streets, and urban centers to reach a wide audience.
  • Pharmacies and Parapharmacies: Target locations where Eucerin products are sold, such as pharmacies and parapharmacies, to reach consumers who are already interested in skincare products.

Daypart Targeting:

  • Focus on broadcasting the campaign during the hottest time slots, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., when people are more likely to be outdoors and exposed to sunlight.
  • Adjust the scheduling based on real-time weather data to align with periods of sunny or partly cloudy weather, optimizing the effectiveness of the campaign.

Weather Targeting Parameters:

  • Utilize weather targeting parameters to display ads when the temperature exceeds 17°C and the weather is sunny or partly cloudy, as these conditions are conducive to promoting sun protection and skincare products.
  • Integrate real-time weather data to dynamically adjust ad delivery based on current weather conditions, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Geographic Targeting:

  • Target specific geographic areas within Belgium where warmer weather conditions are more prevalent, based on historical meteorological data and real-time weather forecasts.
  • Prioritize regions with a higher number of days exceeding 17°C during the specified period to maximize the impact of the campaign.

Budget Allocation:

  • Allocate the budget strategically to prioritize street environments and pharmacy locations with high foot traffic and visibility.
  • Ensure efficient budget utilization by focusing on targeted locations and time slots that align with the campaign objectives and weather conditions.

Performance Tracking and Optimization:

  • Continuously analyze campaign data to identify opportunities for optimization, such as adjusting targeting parameters, creative messaging, or geographic targeting based on performance insights.

By implementing these refined targeting strategies, we can effectively leverage DOOH programmatic advertising to promote your Eucerin product range during warm and sunny weather conditions in Belgium, maximizing engagement and driving sales in key locations and time slots.

Programmatic: PDOOH Digital Street

*programmatic is not guaranteed, screens & contacts and CPM are best estimates and subject to change.