Campaign: Doritos x Burger King

Briefing summary:

For a DOOH (Digital Out of Home) campaign to promote the partnership between PepsiCo (Doritos) and Burger King, please investigate possibilities on these environments:

  • City Center Screens
  • Mall Screens
  • Supermarket Screens
  • Le Meir Screens in Antwerp


Budget Allocation: Allocate the $100k budget strategically across different locations and screens to maximize reach and frequency within the target audience.



We select the following environments according a geofencing of maximum 500m around the Burger King restaurants in Belgium.

We have withdrawn the Burger King along the highways in in a few small towns.

  • City Center Screens: Target high-traffic areas in city centers where Burger King restaurants are located. These could include screens in public squares, bus and train stations, and busy streets.
  • Mall Screens: Place ads on digital screens inside shopping malls, especially near food courts or entrances where Burger King outlets are present. This ensures visibility to shoppers and potential Burger King customers.
  • Supermarket Screens: Consider screens in supermarkets. This can reinforce the connection between Doritos and Burger King, encouraging customers to enjoy Doritos with their Burger King meals.
  • Le Meir Screens in Antwerp: Since you specifically mentioned Le Meir in Antwerp, allocate part of the budget to target screens in this area. Le Meir is a popular location, and ads here can attract both locals and tourists.
  • Timing: Week 23 should coincide with peak times for outdoor activities and shopping, ensuring maximum exposure for the campaign.
  • Creative Approach: Develop visually appealing and engaging content that highlights the partnership between Doritos and Burger King. Consider using mouth-watering images of Burger King meals paired with Doritos snacks to evoke cravings and drive foot traffic to Burger King locations.
  • Interactive Elements: Incorporate interactive elements if possible, such as QR codes that direct viewers to special offers or promotions related to the partnership.

By leveraging these possibilities, you can create a dynamic DOOH campaign that effectively communicates the partnership between PepsiCo (Doritos) and Burger King and drives traffic to Burger King locations.

Programmatic: Retail

Programmatic: Street

Programmatic: Transit

Programmatic: Basic Fit

Programmatic: Petrol Stations

Programmatic: Parking Media

*programmatic is not guaranteed, screens & contacts and CPM are best estimates and subject to change.