Briefing summary:

The advertising campaign will cover three Inno locations in Brussels:

  1. INNO Louise – Located at Avenue Louise 12, 1050 Brussels.
  2. INNO Rue Neuve – Situated at Rue Neuve 111-123, 1000 Brussels.
  3. INNO Bascule – Found on Chaussée de Waterloo 699, 1180 Brussels.

The campaign will utilize the media platforms of Dig Street and Dig Metro. The designated campaign period spans Weeks 34-35, with a specific focus on shopping days. These shopping days include Wednesdays (21/08 and 28/08), Fridays (23/08 and 30/08), and Saturdays (24/08 and 31/08).
For optimal effectiveness, time targeting will be implemented as deemed necessary throughout the campaign duration.


We’ve opted for screens located in both street and subway settings throughout Brussels.
The catchment area spans 500 meters for Louise, 750 meters for Rue Neuve, and 1 kilometer for Chaussée de Waterloo.
Time targeting is in effect on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

Programmatic: PDOOH Digital Metro

Programmatic: PDOOH Digital Street

*programmatic is not guaranteed, screens & contacts and CPM are best estimates and subject to change.