Wrapped Waiting Area – Leuven Station

€17.741 / 21 days*

*Exclusive technical cost, production and taxes

16 panels/screens

  • 16


Network information

Network information

Take over the railway station of Leuven by wrapping its waiting areas! Packed with university students, the station is one of the busiest in the country.

– Exceptional visibility & exclusive location on all platforms of Leuven Station
– Average dwell time in Belgian railway stations is 15 minutes
– Leuven station: one of the most important stations of Belgium (ranking 6th place) with over 1.1M travelers in 21 days*
– Qualitative contacts: commuters, students, shoppers, highly educated people…

* 2019 counting figures NMBS-SNCB

Budget year: 2024

Media ownerUrban Media
Duration21 days
AvailabiltyFrom 01/01/2024 till 31/12/2024
Contacts 12+1.190.946

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Wrapped Waiting Area – Leuven Station

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