Elevator Stickers – Bruges Station

€6.543 / 28 days*

*Exclusive technical cost, production and taxes

5 panels/screens

  • 5


Network information

Network information

– Exceptional visibility: claim the central spot of the 5 elevators located in the main hall*
– All passengers need to pass this area when going to the platforms
– The main hall gives direct access to the historic center of Bruges
– Bruges station: almost 1M travelers/month**
– Qualitative contacts with business people, students, shoppers, etc.
– Highly effective to promote local brands, create traffic to events, promote products or cultural events

*NMBS/SNCB 2019 Counting figures

Budget year: 2024

Media ownerUrban Media
Duration28 days
AvailabiltyFrom 01/01/2024 till 31/12/2024
Contacts 12+923.528

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Elevator Stickers – Bruges Station

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