Dazibao Package

€12.695 / 28 days*

*Exclusive technical cost, production and taxes

12 panels/screens

  • 12


Network information

Network information

Be present in 4 different train stations with the pack of 12 dazibaos:
– Antwerp-Central station: one of the 5 main stations of Belgium with 1.9M travellers/month* (elected most beautiful train station of the world)**
– Bruges station: one of the 10 main station of Belgium with 1M travellers/month*
– Brussels-Central station: one of the main stations of Belgium with 2.8M travellers/month*
– Ghent-Sint-Pieters station: one of the busiest stations of Belgium with 2.6M travellers/month*

– Qualitative contacts with business people, students, shoppers, tourists,…
– Exceptional visibility, impact & high memorization in the waiting areas
– Valuable contacts: engage with thousands of people on their way from and to the different platforms based on our selection of railway stations

* 2019 counting figures NMBS-SNCB
** American news site Moshable

Budget year: 2024

Media ownerUrban Media
Duration28 days
AvailabiltyFrom 01/01/2024 till 31/12/2024

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