Station Domination – Antwerp-Central railway station

€70.373 / 14 days*

*Exclusive technical cost, production and taxes

Network information

Network information

Antwerp-Central railway station
5 units

• Exceptional visibility: dominate the space from the central spot in the atrium to the platforms
• Combine impactful zones during 2 weeks: 2 Elevator walls XL, 2 Full wrapped escalators and Wrapped stairs*
• Antwerp Central: one of the 5 main stations of Belgium with 1.9M tavelers/month**
• Prestigious & exclusive location – Antwerp-Central station elected one of the most beautiful train station of the world***
• Qualitative contacts with business people, students, shoppers, etc.
• Transforming railway stations: traveling, business center, small shopping malls

* 2x 60m2 escalatorsand| 6 m² branded stairs and 2x 50 m² walls | **2019 counting figures SNCB/NMBS
***American news site Mashable

Budget year: 2023

Media ownerClear Channel
Duration14 days

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Station Domination – Antwerp-Central railway station

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