Antwerp 120 m² The National

€56.000 / 28 days*

*Exclusive technical cost, production and taxes

1 panel/screen

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Network information

Network information

This highley visable Giant Poster is located in the midle of ‘De Nationale straat’ wich runs from the Zuid neigbourhood to the Groenplaats in the heart of Antwerp. This street is filled with top notch catering possibilities and attracts more and more luxery brands and boutiques such as LiuJo, Miss&Mister, Renessaince etc… Four of the six Belgian high fashion designers has chosen this exact street for their brand. Thanks to all this life in the area, a great number of traffic is guaranteed. This BlowUP location is a unique oppertunity to own Antwerp’s hipster’s area with a mix of high-fashion designers.
Address : Nationalestraat 114, B-2000 Antwerp

Budget year: 2023

Media ownerBlowUP media
Duration28 days
AvailabiltyFrom 01/01/2022 till 31/08/2023
Contacts 12+240.000

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Antwerp 120 m² The National

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