Campaign: Vanden Borre Trading Malls 5.300 €

Briefing summary:

The idea would be to offer suppliers different packages to suit all budgets.
The aim of these Trade campaigns is tactical (highlighting an offer, an exclusive product, something new) in a Vanden Borre context/template.
The principle of supplier packages is to be as close as possible to the points of sale in Vanden Borre stores to generate traffic.
The idea is to start with 4 packages.


Selection of digital screens in the Street universe which are close to the Vanden Borre shops.
Select the digital screens in the shopping Malls equipped with a Vanden Borre shop.

Broadcast only at the priviledge shopping moments.
Package Street environment : 5.300 €
Package Malls environment : 5.300 €
Package Gas stations & Train tations environments : 10.300 €

Package 4 environment: 24.500 € (Reach extended)

Malls Totem Network

*programmatic is not guaranteed, screens & contacts and CPM are best estimates and subject to change.