VISIONBAG (bakery - 150.000 bags - national campaign)
€19.701/ 4 days*
*Exclusive technical cost, production and taxes
150000 screens
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The VisionBag concept is simple but very efficient: your advertising is printed on bread bags. It replaces the bakers’ standard bread bags for a specified period. This way your message ends up on the table with the consumers and becomes visible to the whole family. To add more value to your campaign, you can combine it with a coupon. We distribute them throughout our national bakery network.

Budget year: 2020

Contractor HighCo Shelf Service
Campaign duration 4
Media Cost €19.701
Technical Costs

Remark: We can print and distribute up 1.250.250 bread bags in 1.700 bakeries whithin Belgium. Choose your quantity and regional network of your choice.


Environment Retail
Touchpoint Enjoy 3 to 4 days visibility at families homes. Place your brand on the consumer's table.
Targeting Shoppers
Startday Flexible
Campaign Placement 48h


Size H 0,18m
Size L 0,12m
Orientation Vertical
Number of Panels 150000


All information is subject to change without notice.