JCD MBT Metro Cluster North Line
€6.198/ 7 days*
*Exclusive technical cost, production and taxes
37 screens
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Along the passengers journey in the concourse, the corridors and the platform

Budget year: 2020

Contractor JCDecaux
Campaign duration 7
Media Cost €6.198
Taxes €140
Technical Costs

CIM OOH study TG18-54

VAR (%)
VRP 13
Contacts 703.706

Remark: People living outside Brussels (Gare de l'Ouest/Westation, Gare du Nord/Noordstation, Heyseyl/Heizel), Sport events (Roi Baudouin/Koning Boudewijn), Nearby iconic monuments and leisure park (Heysel/Heizel)

JCD MBT Metro Cluster North Line

Environment Public Transport
Subenvironment Metro Stations
Touchpoint High number of contacts and repetition
Targeting Pedestrians
Lightened < 90%
Startday Tuesday
Campaign Placement 24h

JCD MBT Metro Cluster North Line

Size H 1,75m
Size L 1,18m
Orientation Vertical
Number of Panels 37


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